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Originally Posted by nitromix View Post
DJ Egg,

SHOUTcast 2.5.5 is not available anymore to be download. Regarding premium subscriptions i don't see something for partners or streaming providers. SHOUTcast become streaming provider and with this close any door for others involved on this industry. Looks like if someone want to use SHOUTcast in future with all new features have to order this services from SHOUTcast and only from SHOUTcast. This dosn't looks to fear and is not a real competition. SSL was leaved away in all this years just to come as premium feature? SHOUTcast will not be what was till now, a pioneer on audio streaming, seems as others solutions will be better to be supported.
I agree with it 100%. For SHOUTcast hosting service providers, this is a tragedy. Most limit to 128 kbps and only MP3. Currently, I do not see any offer for hosting providers. I agree that creators make money from the software they create. It certainly motivates them for further development. However, hosting providers should be included - any special offers for them and solutions.
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