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Originally Posted by djSpinnerCee View Post
any online documentation? i did get the email.
Not for a beta.
Docs/wiki be updated when fully released.

For now, sure, test v2.6, report any bugs etc.

But if you want to be listed in the YP, then you need to keep using v2.5.5
because v2.6 requires a YP update for streams with new Authhash to be listed... i.e it doesn't work yet :-(

It was all probably released a week or 3 too soon, but we needed the new SC4B/SCSS-v2 stuff to be released, and the DNAS v2.6 section of the new RMO is all part of the same package.

Until fixed/ready, people should register all new DNAS stations via the old RMO, not new one.
Only use the new RMO for SC4B/SCSSv2 streams hosted by us, for now.

You'll know when to stop using the old RMO and start using the new one, because the old one will disappear and you'll be auto redirected to the new one instead.

Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience caused.


Ok, so you can't create new DNAS stations under the old RMO any more. D'oh!
This means that currently, there's no way for new DNAS stations to get listed.

What a fiasco!

Escalating..... watch this space!
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