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I am having some troubles here with key strokes. It is a neat feature as far as CD Coverflow window is concerned but as soon as there is another window open keyboard becomes useless. Like in this example:

I pasted the full address and file name into the edit field and would like to ...

1) confirm my choice by hitting "enter" - too bad Winamp starts playing a song because the key stroke "enter" is coded as "play current song" in the cd-coverflow.m file

2) move my mouse pointer to the left (in order to change a letter/number) and I cannot because "left" and "right" keys move album covers.

Somehow the command System.onKeyDown(string key) seems to work globally and not locally. I have no clue how to "isolate" those key strokes and keep them "within" one window. There is a post that describes exactly this behavior. Apparently, this onKeyDown() command used to work locally prior to version 5.53. Unfortunately nothing has changed.

What to do, what to do?
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