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Originally Posted by ariszlo View Post
...That is in fact a clever idea. I had not noticed that the disc was not rotating until I read it was not...
Ppsssssttt .... keep it secret!

Seriously, I do not think it would be necessary to rotate the entire vinyl record because you would not see it. Those light reflections would stay where they are and the rest is black with some grayish/blueish rings. We should also not forget the cpu usage behind such enormous calculations. I really doubt every Winamp user has a four-core-processor. So I am going to keep it as it is: label rotation it is!

And I am not going to touch the CD because that thingy rotates way toooo fast - hence there is nothing to see. This time it would be mandatory to make the entire CD rotate because of so many colors (coming form the transparent plastic and the coating/finish). But on the other hand, there was no old-fashioned/retro-feeling while listening to a CD because it was hidden in a CD drawer.
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