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Ok, so I ran this script again inside an Oracle VM Linux Ubuntu instance. I didn't see any errors and it started SHOUTcast just fine. I'm not seeing what's wrong with this script but people are complaining it doesn't work. Problem is they don't say what it is exactly what isn't working or is broken so I can't address the issue without some detailed feedback.

If the scripts aren't working for you please post your system specs (processor, memory, flavor-of-linux, version of linux), whether or not you are self hosting or your host is remote (you pay for a host), what error messages at what stage (if any) in the script you get, why you think it doesn't work (i.e. creates bad config option (must specify) or throws an error), and the logs made by the SHOUTcast2 tools (inside an archive of some kind: i.e. zip,7z,cab,tar.gz, but not rar, gawd I hate rar.)
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