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add all files in directory to a playlist

How do I add all the files in one directory on my Android device to a playlist?

No, the files are not all by the same artist or on the same album. They're just a bunch of mp3s from an old computer.

Currently my workaround is this: I have used an mp3 tagging program and I have tagged them all with the same (made-up) genre; this is bad because they are of several genres. And then I can put all the files into the play queue by selecting all files of that genre. But I don't know how to put all the files in the play queue into a playlist either, so that's bad too, although at least I can get to listen to them all on shuffle mode, which was the main goal.

Ideally I would like to re-tag each file with its correct genre (in fact I now have two copies of every file, one with its correct genre and one with the made-up genre so at least I can get them all into the play queue; this is also bad) and I am perfectly happy to hear about solutions that involve e.g. creating files on PCs and moving them over to my android device (an HTC One Mini). Merely finding out how to put all the files in the play queue into a playlist is not an ideal solution because the genres are messed up and when I fix the genres this will no doubt break the playlist.

Help :-/
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