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Not Using Metatag Title

I'm using Winamp Pro v5.666 Build 3516 (x86) - Dec 12 2013

A lot of artists I collect add cover songs to bonus disks etc as well as the occasional collection (ie Rush - Feedback, Styx - Big Bang Theory). I decided to make a playlist of the ones in my collection and put it on shuffle/repeat. Often, they play songs I am not completely familiar with and I'm curious who the original artist was. This is awkward to look up each time, so I tried including the original artist in the title field. It doesn't always show up. I've tried various bracket types to no avail.
(ie. Arnold Layne (ThePink Floyd))
(ie. Arnold Layne [ThePink Floyd])
(ie. Arnold Layne {ThePink Floyd})
(ie. Arnold Layne 'ThePink Floyd')
(ie. Arnold Layne "ThePink Floyd")
(ie. Arnold Layne -ThePink Floyd-)

Winamp Preferences/Playlist/Titles = %title% - %artist% - %album%

I used to have an operator to display the file name if the title field was empty. I thought that might have been the problem. It wasn't.

Why won't it show the title properly?
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