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I have seen this mentioned twice i other threads, with no real response / solution. I am a windows 10 user - laptop. I just downloaded the latest 5.8 3660 version. The display is so tiny as to be completely illegible. Even using the 2x (Ctrl+D) "trick" - that only increases the playlist size - along with font if I change that. None of the headings or main/eq button sizes are large enough to see. I'm not geriatric, nor blind. Nigh on 20 years ago, with the old versions, I was able to increase the size of all components - and the buttons would increase in size as well.

I prefer to use the Classic skin, but have experimented with all 4 in this version - all having the same size/legibility issues of the components.

I don't have this issue with any other programs on this computer...

This makes it extremely difficult and frustrating to use. ...and I've always been quite fond of the player!

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