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I have the PC version of Vice City, and to be honest with ya I can only play it for about twenty minutes before getting completely and uttery bored of stealin' some shit, shootin' some shit, and fuckin' some shit.

I never have understood the whole GTA hype; you're limited to doing only the five same things over and over again, going to the same five buildings over and over again to talk to the same five guys over and over again, who want you to kill the same five guys over and over again, for the same five reasons... over and over again.

Honestly, the only thing that keeps me still playing VC is the thousands of mods available for it; I feel sorry for the PS2 people who can't experience the best part of owning the game.

Doesn't mean I won't play SA as soon as it comes out, but this time I am better prepared to get bored from the game.

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