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2 new people in one day, what's going on with that?

Hello and welcome.

2 remixes and an original, right? Okay.
My brain can't find the original of p-k - bumpy right now. (Though I do recognise it.) so I'll skip that one, since I can't really compare it to the original.

MIB4u - yathosho - sakura.avs -- well not too much of a difference really, it's just the addition of a colour fade and two mosaics on the end. Not particularly original or interesting changes. Sorry.

MIB4u - simple minds.avs -- Okay now I can tell this is self made.
You probably won't like this but it's basically a stereotypical preset a beginner would make, back when AVS first came out.

What I recommend for you is to go and download some decent AVS packs, watch them, pick them apart and learn from them.
Also go read the stickies in the main AVS section here.

You can add comments via + -> Misc -> Comment btw.

I hope that negatively doesn't put you off AVS.

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