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as we already provide single file and multi-file auto-tagging, that has to be maintained and going only via the alt+3 dialog is not a realistic option e.g. auto-tagging an album is a very reasonable thing to want to do with multiple files.

as for the suggestions, i've already some ideas on what can be done without being too drastic for how things are already done i.e. not to alienate existing usage habits vs improving usability - such as not having the silly pop-out dialog which the auto-tagger used to do when doing it via the alt+3 dialog and having it done in a more integrated manner.

but making Winamp in general like the amazon player is a really bad idea. sure you can approximate some things via a different skin, the point is Winamp is different from other players for those who don't like the main stream drivel. and having had to use it briefly yesterday, it might be fine if you're the type used to the iTunes style of things, but it's playlist handling is just dire and took me a while to realise where the playlist i created as a test was accessible in the UI (and people say Winamp's ui is bad - there's a clear 'playlist' section to find things).

the new Winamp will be based on the existing Winamp but with relevant fixes, etc as needed (maybe there will be a new default skin as well or not, that's to be seen) along with reviewing some areas and trying to stream-line things where possible whilst not dumbing things down too much for those who want something they can tinker with (which is a bit of a mix but that's generally how Winamp users seem to be). and there'll probably be a bit more of a focus on streaming (what with Radionomy's native focus on streaming services).

so there will probably be things that some will love, things that some will hate and things that most will be indifferent about (because it's not 2.x, heh). either way we're really trying not to mess up the ideas behind Winamp and hope that when a new version is released, it will be taken as a worthy update (especially for some of the parts that have to be replaced post-AOL).
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