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DSP 2.3.4 cannot connect to DNAS 2.2.2

I have a remote client (so yes, he's connecting via my router) who can connect to stream 1 as DNAS v1.x mode. But when he sets up Winamp DSP 2.3.4 to connect automatic or DNAS v2.x mode, he connects but is immediately disconnected.

Why can he connect on v1 but not v2? I have another client who has Virtual DJ, so he must use stream 1 DNAS v1.x mode, which means my second client MUST connect v2.x mode so he can connect on Stream 4.

I can connect DSP to DNAS v2.x mode to stream 4 on the localhost, but when he's connecting from his remote site, v2.x will not work. It connects then immediately disconnects. The DNAS console gives no error.

The router port forwarding works - ports 8000-8001 TCP and UDP are forwarded to the DNAS box. Like I said, they can connect on v1.x mode but not v2.x mode. I am stumped, I have scoured these forums to no avail. I know what I'm doing. It's just that DNAS v2 will only accept v2.x mode connections from localhost.

Windows Firewall has these ports open as well.

I've upgraded all software to the recent July 2014 releases.

I'm looking for ideas to troubleshoot this. He thinks is something so simple I'm overlooking it. stream 4 password: bubba if anyone wants to try.
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