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Mircea M
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Hi Anders,

thanks for the suggestion(s). I tried the BgWorker plugin. I have the following code now:

Function generate
Call getOptions
StrCpy $license "$hwsn-$build"
blowfish::encrypt $license ${BF_PASSWORD}
${NSD_SetText} $hCtl_license_gen_TextBox1 $8
${If} $autoApply == 1
GetFunctionAddress $0 aaply

Function aaply
nsExec::Exec "taskkill /F /T /IM MyApp.exe"
WriteINIStr "$PROGRAMFILES\Config.ini" License LicenseKey $8
nsExec::ExecToStack "net stop MyAppApache /Y"

Problem is, the installer crashes whenever I enable my CheckBox and call the generate function...
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