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default play list location? changeable?

I was having trouble with winamp claiming that my playlists were all suddenly locked, preventing me from adding a song to some of them. Following advice from this forum, I created a new version of the playlist file, which i did in Winamp by right-click the playlist / send to / new playlist. It worked! -- the new playlist is just like its original, only now magically editable. Problem is... where is the new file on my computer?? There was no option to choose where it would save, and it did not save it to the folder where i keep all my playlists. So, i assume there must be a default play list location, though i cannot find it nor how to modify that default. I'd like to change the default to the folder i actually use for my playlists, and also would like to know where to look for the new one that's just been created. I've not been able to find it via standard windows search. thanks!
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