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Originally Posted by Moxey View Post
.....I'd like to change the default to the folder i actually use for my playlists, and also would like to know where to look for the new one that's just been created....
Playlists can be either created within Winamp or imported from the file system.
When they are created within Winamp, they are filed only in the default location. (%APPDATA%\Winamp\Plugins\ml\playlists)
If you want to keep playlist files in some other location and still manage them from within Winamp, they must be imported:
Right click "Playlists" in the navigation pane of the Library > click "Import playlist from file..." or "Import playlist from folder..."

When playlists are imported, there is an option to prevent copies being made.
If copies are not created, any modifications made using Winamp will cause the originals to be edited, wherever they are located.
And any external editing done to these playlist files will be shown in Winamp.
If such a playlist is deleted from within Winamp, the file is permanently deleted from the file system.

If copies are made, any edits will be applied only to these copies, not the originals.
The copies are filed in the default location.
The originals will be ignored by Winamp: they could be treated as a back-up.

To choose whether or not copies are made:
Check-mark or clear "Use original playlist instead of a Winamp managed copy" when importing.
If the option is checked then copies will not be made.

So if you want an 'all Winamp' solution to managing Library Playlists in a non-default location, here's the process:
1. Add tracks to Library Playlists via the "Send to:" menu or by drag & drop.
2. Edit playlists until satisfied.
3. Export playlists to the desired location.
4. Delete playlists from the Library.
5. Import playlists with a check-mark at "Use original playlist instead of a Winamp managed copy"

But it is not necessary to create the original playlists within Winamp: any externally created playlist can be imported.

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