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How to convert from WMA to another format!

Here's a very simple way to convert those WMA files to a different format (like OGG or MP3).
Simply connect an audio cable (like those used to connect most speakers to PC's) from the line out (or speaker out) to the line in (or mic, but turn off any gain features) on your sound card. Set Line In (or Mic) to the default recording source (in Volume Control). Now, set one program to record, and another to play the WMA file. Then trim silence from the ends of the recording and encode. (This may lose a tiny bit of quality, but it won't be noticible after it's been in that low-bitrate format.)

No matter what kind of protection Microsoft manages to put on a sound file, this method will never fail, as long as you can play the file. (You can use this same thing to get around CD copy protections that won't let you play the disc in a computer: Use the cable to connect a CD player that will play it to the computer, which records the audio, then burns it to a disc which you can play in the equipment of your choice.) (Or just return the CD and say it won't play. Hey, it's the truth - you try to play it and can't.)
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