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I think that I have come across a bug in the gen_ml plug-in API. The getRecordExtendedItem(pItem, "RATING") API returns NULL for about 1 out of 10 songs in the library, even for songs that do have a rating. This bug is present in Winamp 5.666, but I also checked older versions and found out that the issue was introduced with version 5.65. The API still works fine in 5.64.

The effect of this bug is that 3rd party plug-ins are unable to fetch all ratings. This for example breaks (non-pmp) ml_ipod's ability to sync ratings to the iPod. A lot of other plug-ins are likely affected as well.

To illustrate the issue, I have attached the source code of a PrintAllRatings procedure that prints the rating of each song in the library. The code is in Delphi, but it should be trivial to port to C. I have also attached the output of this procedure on a small library, filled with songs from a specific folder. All songs in this library have a rating set, as read from the ID3 popularimeter tag.
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