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WMA "D.R.M." - Digital Rights Mgr.

Posted: July 20'02 RE: Response to Tech.~Help{common probs.}for my SUBJECT: "WMA 'D.R.M.' - Digital Rights Mgr."

I'm NEW @ this; I'm replying essentially to comments of 2-users who's problems are precisely same as my trouble. Kindly note: I LOVE the WINAMP [FREE] PRODUCT! & have some VERY SPECIAL favorites amongst the Winamp staff /w re: their "AVS"~Visualizations (albeit, they're listed as earlier innovations or inventions?); vis., JUSTIN, MARKO, ELVIS--didn't intend "this" as a buttering-up(but who would mind?). They have afforded me (literally=$:wise) MANY HOURS OF ERNORMOUS PLEASURE. If those guys don't see this tribute to them here, would 1 of you more experienced' forward it to them--I'm old, & I talk to much!
Meanwhile; the 2 users' expressing better than I my reason for checking into this forum today are: 1)"kenny_pariah"; 2)"ethan_h". Their comments = "..You just CAN'T do anything about WMA~DRM encoded files excepting some info. about deleting WMPlayer's DRMgr. + be certain to delete it from '\Wins... \Users \Prefs.(etc.)\%DRM%'"; in which case I KNOW from experience ~ GATES' make my whole music system(s) CRASH; Jee's!

ESPECIALLY IMPT. TO ME = X-plaining to U WHY, NOW; this problema?... I've begun TRIAL MEMBERSHIP TO "PRESS-PLAY" a $10, monthly, subscription music server [@ "YAHOO"] who ONLY DOWNLOADS PAID FOR MUSIC IN "WMA" FILE FORMAT!.. SO YOU CAN'T COPY IT, TRANSFER IT, BURN IT.. without their permission & further use of "credits" ['s all very "legal, schmigal"]; BAH, HUMBUG, RATS-! When I start /w the "!'s"; can quickly get otta' control, so I'll stop. PRESS-PLAY is 1 of the burgeoning markets for (including very lucrative/EXPENSIVE DVD-Streaming; also /w unconscienable restrictions to "REALLY" downloading & keeping them after YOU'VE PAID!) for providing @ "reasonable" fees alternatives to the very sad legally imposed demise of "NAPSTER", et. al. Anyway, if anyone will answer me here or more easily @ "", I've a feeling you might tell me I'm crazy not to know/take advantage of other numerous sharing programs like "BEARSHARE", which was fantastic for a month, after which they said "YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE LATEST BROWSER UPDATE TO CONT." ...after which it TOTALLY STOPPED DOWNLOADING FABULOUS & ABUNDANTLY FREE MP3's TO ME. Nevertheless it cont's to SEARCH MY INTERNAL FILES!.??... any comments, here as well? Already noticed "BEARSHARE" now has a deluxe model for which they CHARGE--maybe that's it; eH? I'd best stop now until I know a bit more how this "takes". Maybe ask me specific questions to help me better FOCUS (1-symptom of a serious nervous disability I'll TRY not to mention again).
....& THANX!... for any HELP/ATTN.. this may bring me; CERTAINLY "FRUSTRATION" is NO STRANGER TO THESE PAGES(I can see); Bye,
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