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Originally Posted by LyonSH View Post
1. not works. 0 reaction, even if -999 Db
2. it's real work, thank you so much! My Asus Phoebus 5 years later, finally will be able upmix stereo to 5.1 in winamp ))
I'm glad option 2 works for you. Enjoy your upmixing!

Here is a link to some technical info on how the matrix mixer works, if you're interested ( It will help with selecting the appropriate values to get various results when upmixing your stereo files. It is possible to get large or subtle differences in sound from each output channel, which lets you get closer to what "true" multi-channel sound sounds like.

The full article explains the options on most of the other tabs.

My only issue with using this plug-in is that the AC3Filter (it is based on) doesn't support 7.1 speaker systems.

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