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Originally Posted by mjmarrer View Post
Has anyone else run into problems with the Bookmark Manager plug-in?

My Winamp was working fine until around the May 8-10. After that it would not launch. When I check the Windows Task Manager I see that it is sitting there as a process and is using just under 20,000K of memory - but it never completes starting. This occurs even after rebooting and making Winamp the first thing I manually launch.

Launching Winamp in Safe Mode works fine. It comes up and uses about 32,000K of memory.

I made no changes at all to my system last week, other than installing some required updates that were flagged by Microsoft (BTW, I am running Windows 7 Pro).

Just for the fun of it I tried uninstalling those updates over the weekend to see what would happen. I could uninstall all except one dated 5/13 which I could not remove (I suspect it was a forced mandatory update to combat that worldwide ransomware attack). But that had no effect, so I reinstalled all of the Microsoft updates.

This is kind of a pain running in Safe mode, as it always prompts me as a reminder that all plug-ins will be disabled.

I found the file where all of the stations I put in the Bookmark Manager section were stored, so I know the list of what they are.

The question is, without Winamp launching, how can I disable that plug-in? Or is my only option uninstalling Winamp and reinstalling it? If the latter, what file do I need to save to maintain my existing customized settings? (Of course, I need to make sure those settings only referred to stored colors, theme and stations and not any plug-ins - otherwise I'll just be back where I started.)

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

I know Winamp is "dead", but I've looked at the recommended replacements and am not thrilled. Everything seems to be geared to playing CDs and downloaded MP3s. I use Winamp strictly as a radio player, and really like it that way.
Would this question not be better placed in Winamp Technical Support rather than cluttering up the news thread with non-news?
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