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Re: bush league


As I said before Golden Hawk is one of the best in CD-RW recording an have a very successful business. You can get this software for $39 at

I was more put off by their totally condescending attitude in dealiang with the niche Karaoke market.
The tech support has been very professional over the past six years I have been their customer. I have renewed by maintenance ($19)to keep current every year. If anybody is being condescending and arrogant it is you! If you don't like the user interface, then don't buy it.
How many "minutes" of experience do you have with Golden Hawk?

"Bush League" is a term that refers to amatuerish, second -tier effort and that is what GoldenHawk has displayed over and over again.
Again you are condescending and arrogant. Grow up!
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