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in_opus v0.912

A few minors fixes since last time:
The project is now on GitHub:

* NEW: Support was added for title formatting on Winamp 2.x. The playlist will now display track as "Artist - Title" if the tags are available. If you prefer to see the filename only set FORMAT_TITLE=0 in the [IN_OPUS] section of the Winamp.ini file.

* Now on Winamp5.5+, the Unified tags dialog will be used by default. You can always set UNIFIED_DIALOG=0 if you prefer the old style.

* Fixed small potential memory leek.

* FIXED: Local code page will be used for display when Unicode is not available. Before I was always converting unicode->cp1252 which was wrong.

* FIXED: build options were improved inducing an even smaller dll file.
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