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Ah well, since I now got the latest Non Step version, with working internal Rainlendar and rainmeter, I now have got my theme done, and Nobbert, the installation makes a lot of errors , anyways by rebooting a couple of times, it seemed to reboot nice, and I had to REMAKE the purple colorscheme for Non Step! Shame on you Nobbert! Anyways, I called it Classic | Purple and I have the WinAmp skin with the exact same colors now, as the Rainmeter is a very handy and now working tool. The completness I feel by running this theme now is great, and as last time, I run the Longhorn logo, just adjusted to fit with the purple theme.

And here it is

Isn't it nice?

09 F9 11 01 9D 74 E8 5B D8 41 56 C3 63 56 81 C0
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