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Question To force the state of a chekbox or other buttons


I am looking to force the state of my buttons, in my .nsi file, on a custom page.

First, I would like to force the checkbox on "check" and fix it on check. So the function Onclick is useless.

Second, I have different radio buttons on my custom page, and I would like them all to be select at the loading of the page. Because, by default, the first on is select.

Thank you by advance to your precious help.

Have a good day.

An exemple of my tests, maybe, I am on the write way ?! :

${NSD_CreateCheckBox} 15u 30u 56u 45u MyText
Pop $R0
StrCpy $R0 1
SetCtlColors $R0 ${LabelTextColor} ${LabelBackgroundColor}
${NSD_GetState} $R0 $1
StrCmp $R0 0 0 next
StrCpy $R0 1
next: ...
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