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not stable in what way? what build of the v2 DNAS did you try? why not post about the issues beforehand?
Yes. We used the latest software available on the website.
Downloaded few days ago.
The server loses its stability in case of a number of users above 300th
The tests several times achieves 1040 ppl online
Then, without paying any message server process is stopped.
No logs no any data about shutdown.

I will add the software working on SUSE Linux, running on 64 bits.

i'm not 100% on the reason for the difference though it's most likely the YP has seen the two are different enough that it won't collate them into the same entries. alas using the v2 DNAS would allow you to do that even if running two instances by using the same authhash for both of the streams.
I understand that in the case of entries currently visible in the YP directory.
They should be aligned by software running on the Nullsoft?

YP operate by comparing the entries and then combine them?

This question is very important, because I have no idea whether the problem lies on our side or on the side of YP

alas you're not going to like this but the v2 DNAS is only one which has developer resources behind it, hence if there is something wrong with it under heavy loads then i really need to know so i can advise / do something to resolve it as applicable.
The best part is that we have no idea why the software suddenly stops working.

Everything comes stable and suddenly boom.
sc-serv demon disappears from the system without any information.

Does not slow, does not cache, just stops working.
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