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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the log file leading up to the issue (if it even exists still) might give an idea of what is causing the issue as just it crashing out doesn't give me anywhere as a starting point to begin looking into the issue and could even be from something else. as i know some song titles received will cause the linux versions to crash (something that has been resolved internally for the next release).
We will try to deliver logs, if you are somewhere on the server.

But the problem is this:
Logs information is presented only to accept incoming connections and break off at the moment when the software stopped working.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
The YP will allocate each YP add with an id, which is based on a number of values from the information provided by the stream. I cannot check the specifics until tomorrow, but it could be something between the two is not the same or close enough which causes the non-merging of the stations. Or it's just the YP being it's old quirky self and just not following how it's meant to work (since it also has ironically a tendency to merge unrelated stations at times).

We will be very pleased if you check for us what the problem.

first server is configured to broadcast, the second to relaying.

Both are set to public YP.

and entries on the YP page look the same.

Have a good night.
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