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In my opinion, it is unfortunate to hear that 'this thing is straight crap." Considering it is a FREE product, it is to be expected that it is not quite a 'turnkey' solution as other software that actually COSTS MONEY. Also, considering the amount of work that people do in this forum, answering the myriad questions posted (thinking DrO) for this free product, and the fact that most issues are covered in a post somewhere in this forum, I think these people are an INVALUABLE ASSET to the community. That said, the install of the sc2 server was not as easy as I would have hoped. However, persistence and dedication helped me to find out how to successfully get a test stream up and running - and the work done by Thinktink on the configure_builder simplified the process of making sure all applicable changes were made to all .conf files. (The biggest issue I had was with my own paranoid browser-security settings and not giving the playlist a the name listen.pls ) So, my response to this thread is that it certainly is not my opinion that winamp/shoucast is crap. I am a noob, but some research of other products has led me to believe that winamp/sc2 is a good choice for me at least. THANKS!
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