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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
not sure this is a bug. maybe, depending on POV, it is undesired behavior. but isn't the real solution here to fix the garbage? after all, garbage in, garbage out.
For me this is not garbage

I make notes in folders, and not only with these containing audio files. My modus oprandi relies on them- on that that:

1] they exist

2] they have a distinct white icon because they are associated with any software - which makes them stand out in a crowd

3] they do not interfere in a significant way with software that I use

That last is a problem. Up till now it was only in regards to Mp3tag [do not read this if you are not an avid user of it:]. But now it is also with Winamp- which is worse, because with Mp3tag it is "just" a drag, but with Winamp it literally blocks me from doing certain things. I either cannot execute them or have to create workaround- and those workarounds are garbage for me, which be piling up and leading to errors

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
personally, i want winamp to somehow alert me or display to me if an audio file is missing from its location, missing an extension, or has a mislabeled extension.
I can see how somebody can use that as a basis for their modus operandi

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
should it stop playing? probably not. but if it does, its at least a way for you to know something is wrong.
If it is not a bug then then it could and should be defined in Preferences. On my previous set up I was pleased - but you would be displeased
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