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Originally posted by DJ Egg

Ohh, I don't look in there for bug reports. I look in the Bug Reports forum.
The only bug we knew about was the crash on sync/transfer,
not anything about a crash/hang when creating a new playlist.

I'm assuming here that your firmware must be 2.x, and therefore the Zen is PlaysForSure compatible and is using the pmp_p4s interface, because my Zen still has 1.x firmware using pmp_njb interface, and I can't reproduce the problem.

The easiest way to confirm is to disable pmp_p4s.dll and then see if your zen is still recognised. If no, then the firmware is 2.x. If yes, then the firmware is 1.x

mmm in fact i'm stupid... i tought that was something related with winamp... my firmware now i see in display "1.11.01" and in fact i disabled pmp_p4s and all is right

please correct my bug

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