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@The Serminator
No. Not if it works without error.
Only if you get the dreaded "Playlist Generator failed to initialize" error, then you've got to close Winamp, delete the %WinampIniDir%\Plugins\Gracenote\cddbplm.pdb & cddbplm.idx files, restart Winamp, and do a rescan.

Find File On Disk v1.57 works fine for me.
The only time when it does nothing is if the file the playlist entry points to doesn't exist, or if it's a remote/stream entry and not a local one.

Bento PLTab? What? Where?

Hmm, that sounds familiar. I seem to remember the same issue in a previous release (somewhere inbetween 5.1x to 5.3x), which got fixed, but sounds like it's now been broken again....

Yeah, it appeared somewhere inbetween the public beta and final.
I haven't installed it yet myself. Does it work? And trouble free?
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