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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
normally i've only seen that happen when there is a mis-match in the format sc_trans is expecting and what is being provided via the DJ i.e. feeding in mp3 but the endpoint being setup as aacp. it's something that i've got logged to look into further but that's the only way i've been able to reliably cause that message to appear (which was in combination with sc_trans and dsp_sc).

So, i will try to explain what's happend, sorry for my english

- I've start sc_trans, after i connected as DJ on sc_trans. No problem.
- Due to my internet connection, i've been disconnect from sc_trans (Normal), but here ... sc_trans don't play anything (No playlist, it is disconnected from the sc_serv).
- When I try to connect as DJ on sc_trans, i've this error
2010-12-19 11:20:34 E msg:[DJPROTOCOLSHOUTCAST] Data arriving too fast. Some has been lost
When i restart sc_trans, it streaming on the sc_serv, and i can connect again as DJ.

Thanks for your help
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