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oLRi: alas there isn't a way to do that. events can be added on the fly and then saved if the 'calendarrewrite' is set, but it'll only ever load from the file when sc_trans starts.

I_E_P_U_R_A_S: 'playlistfile' is separate from the the playlists used as part of the calendar system and is what is used if there are no active events i.e. 'playlistfile' is used in all cases unless an event happens which will override it.

the reason the example has it along with the playlistfilename_x and playlistfilepath_x entries is to show how you can have a base playlist used in all cases and then use the event system to enable specific playlists at certain times during the day. or am i completely missing what you are asking or is the wording in the example just too confusing? (all of the documentation does assume a reasonable level of english so there is a limit on what can be changed).

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