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I_E_P_U_R_A_S: the problem i think is due to the example paths in the configuration examples being the windows versions instead of the linux versions. i need to double check it though i'm not fully back yet so cannot get to my linux VM's for the moment.

Rothgar: i'll make a note though the main work is directed at the server and dsp plug-in at the moment so i'm not going to make any promises on getting around to looking into the requests.

as for the android issue, i'm really not too sure though anything is possible with it maybe due to having a different output rate of the stream between the direct and sc_trans method. though with so many variations in what different android devices support anything is possible. alas i don't have access to an android device so i'm somewhat clueless on such things (ironically i prefer a phone which just does what it needs, heh).

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