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CUE Player??

i down "CUE Player" :

CUE Player Can't Handel UTF-8 - Normal CUE is Working Fine.
But CUE Include UTF-8 Text is Breaking PathText so Winamp Can't Find Each Track.
I Keep Tryed Execute Winamp to Other APPLocale Mode.
But Stil Textcode has Borkenlike - COWBOY BEBOP O.S.T.1.APE->???- COWBOY BEBOP O.S.T.1.APEother Program.

"The foobar2000" can Handle UTF-8 or other TextIncorded CUEsheet.

i hope,where and anyone can help me.

Create it,and develop it!

i hope winamp can have built-in the "CUE Player" or CUEsheet,like "The foobar2000"!
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