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i am not saying that CUE support is not important!! i'm saying that when there was the option to have it implemented, no one wanted to cough up the money to allow for a developer (me) at the time to give up a few weeks to work solely on getting the feature implemented. so due to that, then most users either don't care or just don't want it enough (and all i was looking for was ~£250 which was based on the number of users who'd requested it in the 3 years previously on the forums providing ~£5 each - not a lot at all for almost a months work as i'd estimated it to be!).

i would love to see CUE support in Winamp (hence why i'd started on something towards it in 2007 and offered to do it for a small financial sum back in 2010) but it's a lot of work to update Winamp to do it properly and based on what i've previously experienced from being a 3rd party developer and a 1st party developer, some people want it but when it comes to funding the development of the feature, people don't want to know and coding anything costs $$$ (which a lot of people fail to remember).

and CUE support is not just useful for lossless formats, it has benefit for lossy MP3 rips, etc. if there was the time (which there isn't) and resources (which there also isn't) then it could be done, but other things are already being developed for the player and they take priority over an extensive update to be able to add CUE support at the moment.
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