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clearly what I'm saying is not being understood. I'm not equating CUE support to a specific file format since it is beneficial for lossy and lossless - it is purely a lack of time and resources which is why its not going to be implemented any time soon (not for a lack of some of us wanting it nd whatever you say about other players is not going to help get it done any sooner).

and that thread links to another CUE plug-in which also should still work but like the thread mentions its down to the plug-in author to maintain updates.

and I know the best way is for it to be native or done as a plug-in with key changes made so it can be done in a more native way without the weird hacks some of the plug-ins have done things which causes them to break.

either way there's little else that can really be said about getting this added other than to shift it to the wishlist forum and let it fester there.
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