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You'd probably have got a quicker reply in the Tech Gen forum, because I wouldn't exactly class this as a bug . . . but then again, I haven't used the default cd plugin for years (I, like many others here, use CDReader), so I can't confirm if there's a problem with it or not. I'm not going to re-enable the plugin, but seeing you're the only one who's posted saying it isn't working, then I'm assuming that this can't be a bug.

Prefs -> Plugins -> Input -> CD Plugin -> config:

First make sure auto cddb is enabled (cddb tab -> use cddb)

Try changing the cddb address/server
Others =

More info: (?)

If you are behind a firewall then you need to get the system admin to enable the ports.

RE: Problems with CDDB & proxy / firewalls [further tips]

Naturally, providing all the relevant info first helps us better to help you.
The relevant sticky threads at the top of the Bugs forum explain this clearly.
If you require further assistance, please provide all relevant sys specs.

I can't help you much more than this.

btw, Did you get v2.78c, or just 2.78
2.78c includes some cd autoplay-related bugfix

I all else fails:
Basic Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure:

Though, I recommend you switch to the CDReader plugin.
Seems like there's some teething problems with this new CDDB2 function in 2.78

Please confirm whether the following files exist in your Winamp\Plugins dir:

CDDBControlWinamp.dll (CDDB2 Control Library)
CDDBUIWinamp.dll (CDDB2 User Interface)
in_cdda.dll (Default Nullsoft CD Input plugin)
in_cdda.cdb (Local CDDB Database)

If not, then you'll have to reinstall Winamp.

I can't help any more unless you answer all ^these^ questions.
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