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When it doesn't fail on the ole32::CoInitializeSecurity, it makes it through the next 2 calls OK (ole32::CoCreateInstance, IWbemLocator->ConnectServer) but gets a 0xC0000005 returned by the call on line 92 to IWbemServices->ExecQuery. The program doesn't terminate, but I guess it means to COM-connected process terminated. I don't try to use the other value (a IEnumWbemClassObject) that it ought to return.

I'm home now, so I can't try any experiments or investigate the injected shell extension theory until tomorrow.

About other ways to get logical drives - are you suggesting there is an API for it? I want to find the logical drives, and for each one I want to know if it is a CD or removable drive, what size it is, and the current volume name (if there is media in it).

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