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Anders, thanks for continuing work on my problem, and the suggestion that CLSID_WbemAdministrativeLocator might work for me on Win2000.

After a little playing around, I've got it working! I switched to CLSID_WbemAdministrativeLocator and commented out the CoSetProxyBlanket. The SerialNumber came back different (even though here at home I run Win2000 under VirtualBox), but that is accurate (according to what WBEMTest shows.

Then I tried a different query (Select * from Win32Bios) and property ('Name'), and after crashing the WMI repository a few times, it comes back with the BIOS name correctly. Hopefully the crash is just an artifact of the VirtualBox. XP continues to work correctly.

[A few minutes go by] Now I've incorporated those changes into my WMI.nsh, and my app runs in XP and Win2000! Thank you, Anders! I'll need to clean up WMI.nsh, but I plan to put it in the wiki when I've done that.

I'm in the middle of moving to a new apartment and may not be able to try on a true Win2000 system until either Monday or Tuesday.

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