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Originally posted by mysterious_w
I have a feeling gaekwad2 will have a minor stroke when he reads this.
If that was true I'd be long dead.

No, instead I'll simply link to this as usual.

Btw that's WMA Standard, WMA Pro is pretty good.
Originally posted by Daniel Primed
If I were to remove the details in the encoding of the songs how would I go about it. Every song or can I just remove a file?

Also what if I want to convert my some of my WMAs to MP3 the programs woyuld allow it. I've lost/scratched up some of my CDs.
If they aren't 'protected' you could do that, but you'd lose quality.

About the details, you'll have to update the tags in every file, I'd recommend you try some mass-tagging programs like The Godfather (don't know if it supports WMA though).
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