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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
....Winamp only tries to use an embedded image with the 'front cover' tag, all other embedded images in a file are ignored.
That is close but doesn't tell the whole story.

A little more testing tells me this:
1 embedded picture:
Winamp displays it no matter what type.

Multiple embedded pictures:
Winamp looks for one with type 'front cover' and displays it.
If none are type 'front cover', Winamp displays one of the pictures, no matter what type.
If there are more than one that are type 'front cover', Winamp displays one of them.

So in the example file provided by MrSinatra, Winamp trys to display the 0 byte picture because its type is 'front cover' but there is nothing to display.
I guess Winamp does not use any logic to catch 0 byte embedded images, which are probably very rare.

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