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Wasabi SDK Documentation


I am writing an update for my plugin, clockamp, and would like to include support for modern skins. I've d/l'd the Wasabi SDK from the wasabidev site, but could not find the SDK documentation as the link ( is down. Bizzy_D's 'canada' ( site is down too

After reading _all_ the info I could on the wasabidev site, several of my questions are still unanswered, and more came up, such as:

* Is the wasabi/winamp relationship still alive ? If so, what version of the SDK should I use for plugin development.

* Could someone either send me the developer manual, or indicate a valid link to it ? I am ready to mirror it, if it's OK with the wasabi team.

* Do I really want to use wasabi ? What I mean is, is there another way of hacking in an extra skinned window that I could connect my plugin to ?

I _do_ have more questions, but I should really read the lost_in_space developer manual first, I guess.

Thanks a bunch in advance,
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