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Changing how search works?

The way I would want the search to work is: when I make or change a search, the artist list displays all the artists whose name contain the search string, the album list displays all albums whose name contains the search string, and (most importantly) the tracklist only displays my latest artist/album selection. The way it is now, when I select for example "Metallica/All (11 albums)" in the artist/album lists, and then change or remove the search, both artist and album jump to "All", and the tracklist reflects this. I would want it to keep displaying the tracks for "Metallica/All (11 albums)" until I actually click on something else in the artist or album list.

Also, it would be cool if the song being played was highlighted in the tracklist somehow. Maybe like how the background is highlighted when you click on a track in the list, but in a different color?

So, is there any way to do any of this?
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