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I know this is five years late, but... dieter, if you see abu's second post with the pic of the volume control circled in red, you will see that just below it you will see the "Equalizer Preset," where you can select the eq for a specific album/songs (as opposed to selecting the eq on the iPod, which will apply that eq to all the songs). Therefore, if a particular album/song(s) is too loud, you can select another eq that won't make them sound distorted the way rock/electronic/hip-hop, et al., eq settings do.

I wish the iPod didn't have this issue! I've been dealing with this for years, and with the increase of albums/music that are mastered very loudly, it's sort of a nuisance to rip/download an album and then sync it on the iPod to then find out it sounds louder on the iPod and reset the eq...

My partner has a very small Sandisk mp3 player and he has his eq settings to "normal" (on the iPod it would be "Off") and his Sandisk sounds great like this. The Off/Flat eq on the iPod sounds super lifeless, whereas on the Sandisk it sounds great.
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