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Track advance on Playlist skips more than one track forwards

Just downloaded and registered 5.03

I'm using it to play MP3 and WMVs, based on playlists.

Bug Whilst listening to the playlist, if I press the ">>" button to advance forwards one track it appears to randomly jump a number of tracks forwards.

Checking, it seems to jump 2,3,4,5,6 tracks forwards, depending on how many times you have prviously pressed it. It wraps around at the end of the playlist back to 1.

Audio otherwise plays fine.

System spec:

Dual PIII-750 CPUS, Asus P3C-D board.
256MB Ram
Running XP Pro,
Basic Soundblaster PSI audio card (original "Live" ?)

Hotfixes: KB282010 KB810217 KB817778 KB820291 KB821253 KB821557 KB822603 KB823182 KB823559 KB823980 KB824105 KB824141 KB824146 KB825119 KB826942 KB828028 KB828035 KB828741 KB829558 KB833407 KB835732 KB837001 Q147222 Q322011 Q323255 Q327979 Q328310 Q329048 Q329115 Q329170 Q329390 Q329441 Q329834 Q331953 Q810243 Q810565 Q810577 Q810833 Q811114 Q811493 Q811630 Q814033 Q814995 Q815021 Q817287 Q817606 Q819696 Q828026

IE version: 6.0.2800.1106
IE patches: ;SP1;Q818529;Q330994;Q822925;Q828750;

[Edit --> DJ Egg]

And "shuffle" is off, and there's no dead links in the playlist?

btw, you posted in the wrong thread.
This is the "plugins" bug reports thread.
There's a separate thread for Winamp 5.03 Bug Reports

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