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Couple of problems with 'Jump to file extra'

Winamp 5.03 (clean install)
P3 800 256MB RAM
Windows 98 SE
DirectX 8.1
Nvidia GeForce2 GTS

1. 'Stop after current' doesn't work when you have queued tracks.

Queue up two tracks.
Start the first playing.
Select 'Stop after current'.
The second track still plays after the first.
It works fine if there are no queued tracks.

2. When using the Playlist display option to show queue position, the background of the last part of the playlist entry (the part affected by the display string, i.e. [1]3:40) is always in the colour of the selected playlist row, not the colour of the playlist background.

This happens in both the Winamp Classic and Winamp Modern skins.

Might just be caused by the fact that I am still using an archaic OS. It's not the end of the world, but I thought I would mention it.

[edit DrO]
#1) just checked and my dev version isn't as bad but it will advance to the next in the queue but not play it now -> will work on it
#2) intended behaviour so it stands out in the playlist but will add a quick hack to customise it
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