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I have Winamp v 5.03
pentium4, 2.4 GHz
512MB Ram
Radeon 9700 Pro
Creative SB Live! Series
Windows XP
WinAmp v5.03

I just re-installed XP on my computer, downloaded and installed winamp. It worked fine the first time I used it. I would double click on a song, it would play, then I would close winamp. After the first time using it, and this is the 3rd install, whatever song I try to play second will play, but I will get the error that 'Winamp has incountered a problem and needs to close'. Thats all it says, besides saying that it would like me to send an error report. The music will still play, I can hear it right now, but the program itself looks like it is locked up and when I click either send or dont send, winamp closes/crashes. The types of files that I am trying to play are WMA's or MP3's... Is there any fix to this yet or is my problem unique? Thanks for the help...


[Edit --> DJ Egg]

Please install the latest wa5update patch.
This includes the latest in_wm.dll which will fix your problem.
Note: always read stickys first before posting.
Thank you.

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