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Here are two bugs with "Jump To File Extra v0.94te" plugin:

Winamp v5.03a
Windows XP + SP1,
Intel Pentium3 800MHz, 256MB RAM
ATI Radeon 9000 (Driver updated before posting)
Creative SBLive!Value (Original driver from CD)
DirectX 9.0b
Jump To File Extra v0.94te

First of all i want to mention that there is no gen_nomad.dll on my PC and i don't even have PlayCenter (or whatever it is called) instaled.

bug #1 is very simple:
when i open jump dialog box (by hiting 'J'), or queue list in Preferences. There is RightClick Menu option "Load playlist into queue", but it doesn't work! Evry time i try to use this option - the window (Jump or Preferences Box) just flashes a few time and nothing hapens.
Saving the list works fine.

bug #2 is a little more complex:
when the feature mentioned above didn't work for me, i tryed to use antoher... i went to:
"Preferences=>Jump To File=>Enqueue Options" and i checked "Load the specified playlist as the queue on startup" and pointed the "Open" dialog box to the playlist with my favorite songs. And the next time i tryed to start Winamp it crashes.
OR sometimes it starts, but the songs loaded in queue are not the ones that was in .m3u file. Error message that pops up in the first case - "Unhandled exception at 0x0123a180 (gen_jumpex.dll) in winamp.exe: 0xC00000FD: Stack overflow."

Hope you'll fix it.
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