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I think it's a bug with modern skins.
This bug doesn't make Winamp crash, but it's annoying...

The preferences box (ctrl-p) is normally just a box. So it won't stay on top when clicking for instance the playlist. But when the main window in shade is docked AND always on top in the docking prefs is enabled, the preferences box will always be on top.
If you want to reproduce, be sure the overall always on top is unchecked (ctrl-a).

This is pretty annoying, especially when double-clicking some plugin for configuration: the config box will appear BEHIND the pref box.

To summarize:
1. disable overall Always on Top (ctrl-a)
2. dock the main window (shade)
3. enable Always on Top under Window Settings -> Docked Toolbar
4. open preferences (ctrl-p)

WA 5.03a
Windows XP SP1

[Edit --> DJ Egg]

Can't reproduce this with latest internal build,
so assume it is fixed...

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