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Media Library Plugin Crash in gen_ml

Computer: P4 2.4Ghz, Intel MB, 1024MB
OS: Win XP SP1, all critical updates installed
Winamp: 5.03a plus update collection

This is my first install of Winamp. The
program works fine until I try to change
categories in the media library (to "Audio",
say). There is a delay switching and
sometimes I can even switch one more time.

Then, always, Winamp crashes.

On launch after crash, the last category
chosen will be selected. The audio library
panes work fine for selecting artists/albums/
tracks until I click on the category selector.

I have uninstalled and re-installed twice
and tried it both with and without initial
media library scanning. Always the same

Error signature:

AppName: winamp.exe
ModName: gen_ml.dll
Offset: 0000b62f


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Can't reproduce.
Please post in Tech Support instead.

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